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The McNay Art Museum Presents:


Thru May 9th, 2021

It is with great pleasure that we share the current exhibition at The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

Our founder, family, and friend, the late Richard Duardo, is on exhibition alongside his caddy-costal, pop-icon, nickname-sake, Andy Warhol!

“This exhibition focuses on the accomplishments and influence of two major American artists, Andy Warhol and Richard Duardo, who both have had a significant presence at the McNay. Here, Warhol’s Liz hangs alongside Duardo’s Four Fridas, which not only pays homage to the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, but demonstrates Duardo’s great admiration for the work of Warhol. Duardo, often referred to as the West Coast Warhol, employs the Pop master’s use of multiple images set in a grid, vivid color palette, and photographic source material…” (

A huge thank you to Lyle Williams, the Curator of the current presentation (as well as the 2015 McNay Duardo Exhibition), and to The McNay Art Museum for championing Duardo’s story ever since his passing in 2014.

The nickname The West Coast Warhol, or Warhol of the West, was coined for Duardo at least before the turn of the century, as is seen in the above 1999 limited edition serigraph. Mat Gleason and Richard Duardo hosted this event at Coagula Gallery. The nickname was received rather ambivalently at times by Duardo, and in the next breath he was a self-proclaimed “third generation pop artist” a la Warhol. At one point they met, offered each other assistant printer positions on their respective coastal studios, and mutually declined. (More Stories from UCLA’s CSRC here)

Richard Duardo, albeit renowned in an international way, still has not seen the same fame and success that many of the artists he influenced over the decades have. I believe his legacy, lore, and art are will only grow with time, making him the timeless legend he already is to so many influential artists to the rest of the art world.


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A Serigraph Edition by Ed Ruscha: “Zoot Soot (Dedicated to the memory of Richard Duardo)”

Modern Multiples presents a 35-color serigraph by contemporary American artist, Ed Ruscha.

“It’s not artist-makes-print, but rather artist-and-printer-make-print.” 

-Ed Ruscha

“Keep that. Keep that. Keep that…” Ed Ruscha and the Modern Multiples team met in Ruscha’s L.A. studio in June to look over proofs for his latest screen print edition “Zoot Soot (Dedicated to the memory of Richard Duardo)”. Production on the 35 color screen print edition started immediately. This graphic edition proved to be ambitious; Ruscha’s previous record for most color layers in a printed work has been somewhere between 13 color layers, we were told by his studio assistant. Ruscha’s unique concept to replicate a handmade paper for the image demanded a high level rendering to achieve the pulpy uneven texture of the handmade paper from 2015.

The Inspiration:

Just after LA art icon Richard Duardo‘s passing Ed Ruscha designed a die cut edition in half inch thick handmade paper in 2015 and dedicated it to Richard. Pressed at Aardvark Letterpress the edition’s cut-out letters read “ZOOT SOOT” and sold out almost immediately through Bert Green Fine Art.

Now in 2019, this new edition by Ruscha of the same design builds layer by layer the image of hand made paper via the screen printing process. The negative space within the letters now contains palm trees and a clear blue sky. Subtraction and addition; one edition is a cut-out, the other is a layer-on. Two opposites each for their respective editions honor Duardo the pop artist master printer and rave scene pioneer- an artist whose career travels in many directions.

“Zoot Soot (Dedicated to the memory of Richard Duardo)”, 2019

– 35-Color Serigraph

– 15” x 16.75” (paper), 9.75” x 12.25” (image)

– Edition of 40

– Saunders Waterford W/C, White, 200lb HP, 425gsm

– Hand Deckled finish

– Modern Multiples Studio Chop

– Hi-res image available upon request

Thanks to the excellent relationship between Bert Green Fine Art, Ed Ruscha’s studio, and the team at Modern Multiples, this second interpretation of “Zoot Soot” is executed in consultation with Bert Green Fine Art.

This fact is instrumental in the narrative of this edition because the 35 color layers printed with hand mixed inks recreate in stunning 3-dimensionality a photograph of one of the “Zoot Soot” impressions from the 2015 edition. Mr. Ruscha then modified the photo with iconic L.A. palm trees and blue sky, and submitted it to Modern Multiples for proofing. A BAT (“Bon á Tirer”, or “good to pull”) was signed upon our very first presentation of proofs!

We are very proud of and humbled by the narrative behind this artwork and hope that you, too, may appreciate its significance in contemporary art. Higher resolution images are available upon request.


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In loving memory…

Happy Birthday Richard! Maestro!

Richard Duardo

(May 15, 1952 – November 11, 2014)



In Richard Duardo’s 62 years on Earth, he played an important role in the lives of countless people, underdog to celebrity, and influenced the lives of so many more directly with friendship and mentorship or indirectly through his influence on all worlds of Art in Los Angeles and beyond.
Check out the Tributes created in his memory, available in the Shop.
Here’s a link to a great short video on Richard made in 2012 thanks to DZapaMedia.


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Pre-sale and Signing for New KMNDZ Prints

If you haven’t already, contact us to receive the Pre-Release email for the Large Format HPM of Johnny KMNDZ’s “Grenade Wren”!

Signing of both editions will be this coming Thursday and anyone who owns one by then will be gifted a small format print and invited to Modern Multiples to hang with the artist and print team during the signing!

Final touches to KMNDZ’s “Grenade Wren” have been completed, all we are waiting for now are signatures from the artist himself.
“But it’s just a print, right?”

HARDLY! There are over 15 hand separated layers created by the Modern Multiples team based on an original painting by KMNDZ AND over 20 hours of painting by the artist himself!

This Hand Painted Multiple (HPM) edition has hand work and digital design, has transparent metallic inks is printed on 300g paper so heavy it might as well be canvas, and spawns from KMNDZ’s desire to organically collaborate on a print unlike any he ever has before with the late Richard Duardo’s Modern Multiples.
On our last day of painting, Johnny told us that “…this red layer is inspired by Richard. He knew how to move quick, not overthink, and most of all, have fun.”

Very excited to release this edition of only 20 towards the end of the month! DM to get on list for PRE-RELEASE price! In addition, KMNDZ Small Format Grenade Wren edition of 100 are about to be deckled for release on April 27th. $50.

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Art Brewery 2019: Coming up next week April 6-7 !

The Art Brewery is back next week from April 6-7 at 11-6pm at 2100 North Main Street. We will be there among many other talented artists at the Jesus Wall Gallery! We will have a variety of prints for sale by artists such as Richard Duardo and John Van Hamersveld (sign up for our email list to get info in advance!) Go to the Art Brewery website here or the Facebook event page here. We hope to see you there!



Modern Multiples Team

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Artwork for Sale on Our @mm_archive Instagram!

Modern Multiples is excited to announce that we have had a MASSIVE art drop on our second Instagram, @mm_archive. We are continuing to drop artworks for sale on our streamlined account focusing on archival works available for acquisition Instagram at . New works are being released so check it out before they are all gone! If you haven’t already, make sure to follow us on our @modernmultiples Instagram, where you can get updates on the events and happenings at the studio! And if you are interested in joining our email list and getting exclusive content like the “Johnny Faces” seen here, go to our “Contact” page to sign up!

What is this collection of new artwork releases? Well…

“The Archive Box… BUST OPEN & FOR SALE:
This is your chance to own a piece of history! An archive box FULL of serigraphs printed by Richard Saul Duardo / Modern Multiples / Allied Artists / Future Perfect / Art & Commerce / Aztlan Multiples / Hecho en Aztlan — decades of Duardo publishing projects by dozens of artists — is here for your perusing and collecting pleasure. .

A major University was going to acquire this archive of work from the Estate of Richard Duardo. Somewhere along the way, they changed their minds. We won’t say who, only that they’re located somewhere near Stanford, CA. 😉 Their loss, your gain. .

Since this is such a massive amount of work from a large time period with several “last of”s, some information may be missing from certain pieces. Please DM for more information, pricing, or to arrange an in-person viewing. . .”

See you on Instagram!

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Carlos Almaraz Playing With Fire

Tomorrow is the world premiere of the documentary, “Carlos Almaraz Playing with Fire” at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

“This stunning documentary explores the brief, rich, and contradictory life of the artist Carlos Almaraz: a Chicano activist, sexual outlaw, and visionary painter of some of the most unforgettable images of southern California.”

Modern Multiples had the honor of being able to screen sprint some of his limited editions. Check the link out below for tickets!

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RSD Little Box of Art Debut!

The Estate of Richard Saul Duardo,

L’Atelier Printing, and

Modern Multiples

are proud to present a…

Little Box of Art™

Today, we officially release the Richard Duardo Little Box of Art™!

The timing couldn’t be better either! Today, May 15th, 2017 would be Richard’s 65th Birthday. Happy Birthday, RSD.

rsd LBA cover

“We’re making a case for art,” said Fly Tucker of L’Atelier Printing as he proposed this project to the Estate of RSD. L’Atelier Printing has already published 3 artists (Van Arno, Anthony Ausgang, and Germizm) making this the fourth box and FIRST time a deceased artist’s works will be available in this collectable format!

The “Little Box of Art” features…

  • An 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 1.75″ wooden Gift Box containing…
  • 15 archival pigment prints, approx. 7″ x 7″,  of Richard Duardo artwork spanning nearly 3 decades,
  • A Legend with all 15 artworks’ titles and year,
  • A Certificate of Authenticity embossed with both Modern Multiples’ and L’Atelier’s chops,
  • Hand-pulled, screen printed box decals front and back,
  • Hand-crafted interiors, and
  • An embossed Edition number “RSD 001”-“RSD 200” on the side of the box notating the limited edition of 200!


Modern Multiples – the living legacy of master printmaker Richard Duardo – IS STILL PRINTING and has decided to co-publish this edition by producing the archival prints in-house. Approximately 7″ x 7″, the artwork inside is printed with Ultrachrome HD inks on 100% rag, acid-free paper. The colors and quality of these prints are begging to be in a mini frame! You can rotate out your favorite one whenever you please!

Collect yours HERE!




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24/7/365 Recap


Saturday Night was the…

24/7/365 PRINT RELEASE PARTY: Art, Music & Mescal
Saturday, Feb. 25th, 2017
5-6pm Collector Reception
6-10pm Release Partypoodle army 99 copy
@ Modern Multiples Fine Art Editions
1714 Albion St., LA, CA  90031

Congratulations to the first 99 people to come to Saturday’s Release Party. They got to take home a Poodle as a gift! Whether you’re ready to invest in your collection or still readying yourself for the plunge you’ll never look back from, Modern Multiples is dedicated to putting fine art multiples in your home!

A Rundown of what happened last night:


“24/7/365 – Art Never Sleeps”

A thank you to all the artists that participated in this Modern Multiples Publishing project titled “24/7/365 – Art Never Sleeps”. It yielded an incredible box set and look how amazing it all looks framed and on display!

Each artist brought their artistry, imagery and creativity to this project and it was a pleasure having each one of them in the studio creating. The artists are as follows.

Top Row (left to right): Jaime “Germs” Zacarias, Carlos Ramirez, David Flores

Bottom Row (left to right): Melly Trochez, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez, Leo Eguiarte, Miguel Felipe


Modern Multiples was very proud to host this event that attracted a great community brought together by art! Not only do we want to acknowledge our friends and patrons who showed up on Saturday, but we want to acknowledge the space as the hub of community that it is. We had everyone from our new hot sauce-slangin’ friends at El Machete to our local elote lady Ana bringing the legit bacon-wrapped hot dogs and tacos to our family friend Zhi-Zhi selling girl scout cookies all being supported in the same room!


Sponsors & Entertainment

A big thank you goes out to our sponsored open mezcal bar to Edgar with Cheech Marin’s Tres Papalote Mezcal. Everyone got to try a taste of a delicious spirit. In fact, this Saturday at Ramirez Liquor, Cheech himself will be doing a signing with his Mezcal bottle. Don’t miss out!

The band rocked the house as Eloy Torrez strayed from his usual visual art to provide useloy_band live entertainment along with his band, Chiquis and Jose. Thank you guys!

DJ Sheak One also in the house keepin’ it moving all night!



poodle wall

Artwork Available to Collect

Not only did we successfully release 7 original artworks with this 24/7/365 publication, but we still have the entire suite of Poodle Tributes available! Get one today!

Top Row (left to right): Frank Romero, Bob Zoell, Knowledge Bennett

Middle Row (left to right): Tiffany Blake, Richard Duardo (NFS), David Flury

Bottom Row (left to right): Jaime “Germs” Zacarias, Miguel Felipe, John Valadez

And if anyone saw some art they cannot live without, please send all acquisition inquires to



group picramirez_kmndz_mills

For a private viewing of the artwork on display and available through Modern Multiples, please email!


Please email your favorite photo or two from the night to We’ll get the best ones up on our social media. Don’t forget to follow us @ModernMultiples.