Hey all you cool cats and kittens~~

We wanted to answer a few question primarily regarding

the Online Inventory Art 🔥 Sale

happening from

Friday, May 15 @ 12:00am PST – Sunday, May 31 @ 11:59pm PST



Q: Why are you doing this sale?

A: This pandemic situation has us all shaken, some more than others. Many businesses are struggling, and yet some are fortunate enough to realize silver linings. We have an inventory whose artistic merit and cultural value has been amplified across the board by Modern Multiples’ Founder, Richard Duardo. RIP. I  hope this sale will be a quarantine-enriching, culturally-reflective, pimp-your-zoom-background, artwork-activating, nerotically-hypenated-adjective-building experience. 


Q: How did you choose percentage discounts?

A: We’ve discounted selected inventory from 30-70%. The inventory is discounted based on the number of impressions we have available, with 30% across the board for larger pieces. 


Q: Is this everything in inventory?

A: No, this is a curated and selected sale of our overall inventory. 


Q: What is an HPM?

A: An HPM is a “Hand-Painted Multiple.” The artwork has unique elements throughout completed by the artist.. This makes each print in the edition a unique variation and adds value.


Q: Will I get the exact one in the picture?

Yes, if the Medium states it is a screen print (serigraph) edition WITHOUT hand embellishing by the artist, then the image accurately represents the work you will receive (i.e. the Poodle Tribute editions).

Yes, if the Medium states it is a screen print (serigraph) WITH “HPM” mixed media variations AND the exact edition number is included in the product title (i.e. the Big Long Fridas). That means the unique variation in the image is precisely the one available and the one you will receive.

No, if it’s an HPM edition WITH mixed media variations and the exact edition number IS NOT in the product title. In this case, you will receive a signed and numbered HPM from the edition, however  it may be of a different color variation, destined for you and only you! The image represents the edition, NOT the exact color variation you will receive.


Q: Will I get a Certificate of Authenticity with the art I collect?

A: You will get Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with ever collection as long a wet signature COA exists to release. In the event that we cannot locate a COA, you will be issued an Official Letter of Provenance for your specific edition number with artwork specifications and signed by Modern Multiples. 


Q: Is it framed?

A: All prices are unframed

That’s why we’re hooking you up with our friends over at Castelli’s Framing! They’ve offered our collectors 20% off your order, from May 15th-May 31st, with Promo Code *MM ART SALE*


Q: Who’s doing this?

A: Modern Multiples, Fine Art Editions. Thanks for reading this far. Much love.