Poodle Tribute 2015


THIS IS A TRIBUTE: #poodletribute

 A huge thanks to all the artists who shared this vision!  

Poodle Tribute Proposal - GenericEight artists seen below accepted the proposal and generously created a #PoodleTribute. Their tributes are available through the Shop.

 Knowledge Bennett

 "From One Comes Many"

Knowledge Bennett is a self-taught visual artist currently based in Los Angeles, California. Well versed in the rich history of the 1960’s American Pop Art Movement, Knowledge’s work displays a purposeful familiarity yet possesses a deeper and more meaningful conceptual understanding.  Recent works have been featured in numerous international art fairs and exhibitions as well as media outlets such as Vogue Magazine, The New York Times, Huffington Post, and Artsy.  


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 Tiffany Blake

 "Well Suited"

Tiffany Blake and Richard Duardo inspired one another and collaborated in several ways during their time together. Their eyes for fashion and fine art complimented one another providing a wonderful foundation for their collaborations. "Well Suited" is a nod to the seer-sucker vests and fly attire Richard would sport. 

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 Miguel Felipe

 "Los Caballos Muchachos!"

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 David Flury


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 "Poodle Doodle"

 South Los Angeles native Jaime Zacarias aka GERMS is seemingly infected with an innate ability to channel the spirits of our surrealist predecessors, slapping our eyeballs with his grotesque yet amusing iconography and ameoba like characters while simultaneously referencing post-Chicano culture and imagery. He is known for cleverly stylized Luchador masks given life by their protruding tentacles, surrounded by floating amoebas that playfully flirt with their viewers' imaginations.

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 Frank Romero

 "Modern Multiples Poodle Tribute"

 “I’ve been around so long, I’ve been famous five or six times.”  Frank Romero, quoted in “The Story of a City and a Life,” Los Angeles Times, July 28, 2002 (online)

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 John Valadez

 "You Live"

John M. Valadez has been making significant artwork for over 40 years in the Southern California region. His work has come to define an iconography of Chicano experience in the city. Valadez had a 35-year retrospective at The San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla in 2012 that was critically acclaimed. Valadez was one of the founding members of the Public Arts Center in Highland Park.  Valadez has had several solo exhibitions in Los Angeles galleries, as well as in San Francisco and New York. 

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Bob Zoell

 "Modern Multiples Poodle Tribute"


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