Box Set


Box Set Title: “24/7/365 – Art Never Sleeps”

Artists (left to right) Top: Johnny “KMNDZ” RodriguezCarlos Ramirez, Miguel Felipe

Artists (left to right) Bottom: Jaime “Germs” ZacariasMelly TrochezLeo EguiarteDavid Flores

Medium: HPM, Serigraph, Mixed Media

Substrate: Saunders Waterford W/C, 200lbs, 425gsm, HP

Paper Size: 15″ x 20”

Matching Signed and Numbered Edition: 5/24

Year: 2017

Comes with Certificates of Authenticity signed by Artist, Master Printer, and Studio Director.

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Artist | Artwork Title | Medium (in order, background to foreground):

Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez | “Brother’s Keeper” | Watercolor, Serigraph, Acrylic

Carlos Ramirez | “Ghouls and Goblins” | Spray Paint, Serigraph, (variations w/) Stickers, Spray Paint, Writing

Miguel Felipe | “Dos Paletas” | Spray Paint, Serigraph, Acrylic

Jaime “Germs” Zacarias | “Lucha Squid” | Primer, Gouache, Serigraph, Acrylic, Serigraph, Acrylic

Melly Trochez | “Santa Guerrera” | Serigraph, Acrylic, Serigraph, 24-carat Italian Gold Leaf

Leo Eguiarte | “Merian’s Emptiness” | Serigraph, Split Fountain, Spray Paint, Color Pencil

David Flores | “End of The Trail” | Spray Paint, Serigraph

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16.75 × 20.75 × 1.5 in