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Studio Collaboration with Charlie Anderson

Artist collaborations are a celebrated element of Modern Multiples studio and have yielded some of our favorite projects in the past.  An example of one of our most favorite collaborative projects which stemmed from within our studio was “Sumo # 2”  a collaborative series made by Modern Multiples’ own Richard Duardo and Scottish artist Charlie Anderson

Charlie Anderson, Serigraph, HPM, Fine Art, Modern Multiples, Collaboration, 2012
Buliding layers; a process shot from Charlie Anderson in Modern Multiples studio.

Charlie Anderson is best known for his choppy collaged imagery, made up of layered stencils of advertisements, magazine clippings and various other forms of contemporary media.  Anderson is able to develop a richly complex atmosphere of text and imagery with his work and it’s not uncommon for him to include bold figures within his compositions.  Richard Duardo enjoys a similar format in many of his works; often developing an abstract background of shapes and color to support a strong figurative subject in the foreground.  The two styles lean nicely to this collaborative project where both Anderson and Duardo actually hand painted into each specific print, making them not only unique but alive with gesture and movement.  You can view “Sumo # 2”  in our online store, where unique versions are still for sale.  Enjoy!