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Introducing Jonte´Campbell

Modern Multiples is pleased to introduce emerging artist Jonte´ Campbell.  Jonte´is part of our Inkubator program and has recently been using Modern Multiples studio to print his new work.  Last week we accompanied Jonte´ to the art space of Elsa Florez, where he hung one of his new pieces entitled “Ancestral Self”.


Artist: Jonte´ Cambell Title: Ancestral Self Medium: Giclee Size: 15"x 17" Year: 2014
Title: Ancestral Self
Medium: Giclee
Size: 15″x 17″
Year: 2014

Jonte’s first expressions as an artist came with learning B/W photography in his early teens.  Jonte´began by documenting the murals of LA artist Aiseborn which led to a photography role in the recurring show Aerosoul where he documented murals by artists like Pose 2, Mode 2 and Resek.  Jonte´s involvement in mural painting led to an interest in architectural and street photography.

By 16 years old, Jonte´was homeless, eventually living in a juvenile detention center in Los Angeles.  Despite those turbulent years, he was able to ascend and place 3rd in MOCA’s Teens of Contemporary Art competition and secure his first exhibition.  Jonte´subsequently studied at CalArts and was awarded an artists grant from Inglewood Rotary, which he used to produce work in the Bay area, Ca.

Jonte´has been working around the clock here in the studio and is developing new work and new ideas for his role as an artist.  Some of Jonte´s latest motives involve the relationship between viewer and art space; “I’m looking to create a spatial experience with my art as opposed to simply occupying wall space in a gallery”.

Jonte´Cambell, Fine Art, Modern Multiples, 2014
Jonte´Cambell in Modern Multiples studio, 2014.


Here’s Jonte´on a late night in the studio, reviewing some new works and pushing forward in his life as an artist.