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Germs | Purgatory Mary


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Germs’ latest mixed media print, Purgatory Mary, is a fine art giclee foundation with 4 silkscreen colors laid on top including a high gloss coating and 3 hand painted separations. Dimensions are 23″ x 46″.

Jaime is an LA native and dear friend of Modern Multiples. He is a genuinely positive and gifted artist who seems to be channeling the great spirits of our surrealist predecessors, while simultaneously slapping our eyeballs in the face with his infamous allusions to the LA/Chicano culture. He is known for his Luchador masks brought to life by their protruding tentacles and floating amoebas that playfully flirt with their viewers’ imaginations. I find myself mesmerized by the seemingly infinite details and borderline infectious behaviors of each character that aim to transform and challenge the icons we know so well. Each painting is admirable and a true labor of love.

Jaime was born and raised in South Central LA amidst the violence and chaos of gang culture that left an indelible mark on him creatively. He’s admitted to seeing lots of violence, drug abuse and ignorance that has undeniably contributed to the growth of his beliefs in the importance of creation. His work is a reflection of positivity born out of a culture of destruction.

Now, we have been dying to work with GERMS on an edition for quite some time (we just adore him!). But because his work is so incredibly detailed and painterly we decided to print the foundation image as an archival gicleé which we then elaborated upon by printing a silkscreen varnish (making the colors more vibrant and -dare I say- seductive). GERMS then came into the studio to do some serious work on 3 silkscreen stencils which we printed by hand atop the varnish to complete this truly unique edition.